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IPFS Upload

Simple IPFS remote pinning service and HTTP upload provider.

In addition to providing a remote pinning endpoint at /api, you can also POST uploads directly to the root / with an access token and recieve a URL back:

$ curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ..." -F file=@file https://u.unix.dog/


To setup this service locally, you will need:

  • PostgreSQL (optional)
  • LDAP service with password auth (optional)
  • IPFS node with RPC API (Kubo)

Copy the config ipfs_upload.default.yml to ipfs_upload.yml, and edit the config appropriately. Then use hypnotoad or morbo to run script/IpfsUpload. Log in, generate tokens, and point your IPFS remote pinning to /api. Done!


IPFS Upload supports PostgreSQL or SQLite. LDAP and in-database password hashing with Argon2ID are also supported. Check the default config to learn how to configure it properly.

When using in-database authentication, you can change your password on the Access Token page. In the config, you can whitelist usernames. The password will be set on first login.